LowPoly Ground Texture

Cost : 19.99 $

Lowpoly ground texture is a texture pack for the different terrains you might use in your game. They have been prepared in a lowpoly style to improve the quality of your game as much as possible.

Available on :

coming soon

Description :

27x material lowpoly ground texture

Resolution : 2048×2048

Inclued for each material :

1x Diffuse

1x height

1x Normal

Inclued : 6x normal grass, 4x sand, 5x normal ground, 4x rock, 6x frozen and snow, 2x dirt

Cracked Ground, Dirt and Grass, Dirt and Gravel, Dirt, Dry Grass, Frozen Pavers and Snow, Frozen Pavers, Frozen Snow, Grass and Flowers, Grass and Leaf, Grass and Pavement, Grass and Rock, Grass, Ground and Gravel, Ground and Leaf, Ground and Pavement, Ground and Rock, Ground, Sand and Pavement, Sand and Rock, Sand, Snow and Dirt, Snow, Stone and Pavement, Stone and Snow, Stone Dark, Stone Light